Who I am now ..seems to be forever expanding. So I'll be frequenting this whole , this dwelling of mind/mine the Chrysalis

..Today’s discussion with Alison on the diaspora, being people of colour,  sadness.. And Paloma faith.. this.. Feeling some type of way right now who’s taking me to church this weekend?

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…Everyday ..

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Fuck with yourself so heavy that you forget that anybody else exist

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Dear Tricia

How dare she humiliate me.

How dare I throw my head back and forth in such chaotic fashion 

Gift. is her name and a gift she was.

And I treasured her like a childs plaything, the heaven and it’s earth wanted to throw away..

Still if our differences couldn’t tear us apart in my heart ..

How could they in hers ?

Sometimes I hear them whisper and they talk of my skin and features 

and I bite my “accursed” lips

The pain is only temporary but the realization always stings..

So how could she Tricia ?

How could she do me like that … ? 

Love like ours … was to be celebrated not …

I guess I’m just the kala.. 

..I haven’t posted anything in forever.. Old selfies.

The eyes are my favourite feature on anybody.. I love meeting new people and looking into their eyes. See if I can see into their soul O.o .. I wonder what my eyes are saying..

“My grandparents never came to this country for this shit man ..”

Ladybugs or Lady birds ;)

…Random unfinished “short” ..maybe if I put it out here I might be tempted to look back into


sometimes i feel like a motherless child

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New camera new selfies … J/K character still